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3 Step Trial Kit (travel size) $20.00

Total pack value over $40 (sold separately)

Here's where you get to get a taste of what HESO can do for your skin. Mini versions of our legendary 3 Step system. But don't worry - when we say mini they're man size minis.

3 Step Shave System
$87.00 $97.00
3 Step Shave System $87.00 $97.00

This is no BS men's skincare at its finest. This sensitive-skin-respecting shave oil gel, aftershave and moisturiser are all top shelf and will give you your best shave every time, minus the irritation.

Shave Oil Gel 100ml $29.00

This new-gen all natural shave cream with old school heritage provides supreme cushion and glide. The international award-winning formula ensures whiskers are soft and skin is protected so no shave burn, rash, or dryness to worry about here.

Aftershave 100ml $29.00

This award winning aftershave is designed to calm and restore balance so everyone can carry on having a good time.It has a subtle fragrance because no one enjoys being crop dusted by an over-the-top cologne.

Moisturiser 100ml $39.00

Just like a surf on a Saturday morning, this is just what you need. Straight from the top shelf this cream unconditionally conditions to keep your skin protected, hydrated and looking the goods.

eGift Card - Send by email from $10.00

Shopping for a special gent but not sure which products to choose? I've got your back. The HESO Men's Grooming eGift Card is a total no-brainer for a present that's guaranteed to be a winner.

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