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Happy HESO Men - Read the Reviews

Based on 2943 reviews
How can I not be happy 😆

This skin care range is made with such inspirational happiness and love intransforming my skin
into beautiful... thank you ☺️

Simply the best!

By far, my favourite Woohoo. Keeps me (and my clothes) stank free all day, every day. After hearing me talk about it all the time, my Beloved took the Woohoo plunge too... he found Wild a little too feminine for him, but has settled nicely for Urban. Thanks guys for such a super fab product!


Love this mask, I have combination skin with an oily T-Zone and blackheads and this mask deeply cleans my skin and helps to minimise my blackheads. Thanks Happy Skincare!

No stinkey poos with woohoo

This is the best natural deodorant there is. From my sample pack I have so far tried the red urban and the green wild versions and both are sensational. They keep odour at bay and there is no irritation. This is now my go to deodorant product and I can't recommend it highly enough. The little sample pack would make a great gift idea for others also. Praise the virtues of woohoo.

Smooth and soft skin

I bought the 3 step system to take advantage of the special as I was interested to try the hydrating tonic. I use it twice a day followed by either the over the moon repair cream or the laugh out loud jojoba oil. I apply the cream/oil while my skin is still a little damp from the tonic. My skin feels very hydrated, smooth and soft. The cloud 9 cleanser is amazing! A little goes a long way and I use this nightly in the shower.


I love this moisturiser and use it 2-3 times a week. It goes a long way and is great value for money. I love the smell, it’s not heavily fragranced and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and clammy.

Love it

Will never go back! Love the feel and the protection. Green is my favourite

Great for your skin. No oily feel and leaves skin feeling great.


Is as sweet as it sounds. Skin feels soft n glowing. A great product. Love it.

Thanks for happy skin!

What can I say....happy as pig in mud. I have rosacea and anything that doesn’t set my skin off is a winner in my books. And the fact that there are no nasties is also a winner in my books. Job well done...keep up the great work!!


I've always had trouble with deodorants due to my very sensitive arm pits. I have finally found the answer with this paste. I now have no odour, no irritation & pain. This is my go to.

Best oil ever

The Black seed oil is my favourite product, it has changed the way my skin looks especially on my face. My pores are smaller & my skin is hydrated. The oil soaks right in to the skin you forget you have it on.

Great product

I purchased this product for a family member who had an itchy rash on her arms. This oil has truly soothed her skin. Thank you Happy skin care.

Excellent Product

It has been great having a natural product to use without essential oils (limited research into their safety), while I am pregnant. I started using this last winter to 'detox' before summer, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked during 40 degree days. Can't wait to try the other scents once bubs is born!

Blissed Out Body Oil

Works really well if used on damp skin (bit hard to rub in on dry skin). Moisturises really well & smells nice.

Pep Me Up Hand & Foot Cream

Healed my dry peeling hands.
Very moisturising & protective.
Sinks into skin really well - not greasy.

Try it.. you wont regret it

I was looking for a non toxic deodorant.. had tried a similar product but different brand ... had a terrible reaction...
Been using woohoo for over 12 months now and love it.. hubby was skeptical at first but he loves it now too.. we both tell others to give it a go...
No sticky stinky underarms for us!

The best

I’d like to say that this deodorant is the best iv had. I will not go beck to using any other deodorant. It’s long lasting and feels so good on your skin even at the end of the day. Brilliant 😍


Amazing, fantastic product! Love the sample pack as it’s a great way to try the different scents and find our favourite


It’s taken a couple of weeks but I suggest start off with mellow (I think that’s right) before moving up to the others. I got a rash at first as I transitioned from aerosols to woohoo, but I applied vitamin E cream under my arms at night and I’m now using the Surf during the day. It lasts on the most humid days too.
I won’t be going back to aerosol ever.

Easily a 5 star

This moisturiser is amazing! I am so picky with moisturisers because there is a fine line between being hydrating and being oily.. But this moisturiser gets it right. I do not need to use much at all on my skin - smaller than a pea size is enough. My skin feels moisturised without the oily feeling. I can use this moisturiser as a day cream, night cream or under makeup. I am so pleased I have found this company.

Best cleansing oil I have ever used...

Wow... What can I say about this product? I have very sensitive skin and I suffer from rosacea causing my skin to appear very irritated and red. After just ONE use of this product my inflammation and redness dramatically reduced, my skin felt more supple and hydrated and my skin felt like it had become "tighter" rather than saggier. The smell is gorgeous and it is so quick and easy to take my makeup off. The ONLY reason I'm giving this a 4 star and not a 5 star is because of the bottle its in. Unfortunately, my bottle leaked minimally when I received my order giving the contents of the box a greasy feel - something for Happy Skincare to look into for the future. HOWEVER - I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS CLEANSING OIL ENOUGH. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Love it!

I tried the sample pack and Urban was my favourite, so I went for the full size. I'm committed!!

Surprisingly Impressed!

The sample pack was really good. I wanted to be able to try the deodorant before committing to a full size and I really enjoyed this. I really like the urban scent.

Sweat less

We have had the hottest summer 2018/2019 and I have sweat less and not had that 'BO' smell. I am so impressed with this product and will never go back to antiperspirant.

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